Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26 | 2, 2014

Well....well....well...does anything for a cancer patient come easy and go easy ??? Absolutely not......otherwise how does the BIG-MAN "C" maintain its reputation as the 'weapon of mass destruction"...

I would like to call on Veep Dick Cheney to hunt for the 'WMD' -- unlike his previous attempts, there is no ambiguity on how to say or spell this "WMD" -- it is simple.

With a brand new heart, I suspect you are itching to get into the 'ring' and in a matter of 4 or 5 rounds, will pull out of the biggest upsets of this century !

I will be watching in my cheer-leading outfits !

Back to some real news -- the mr. and mrs. decided they wanted to be swimming with the big ships, rather than piddly speed boat or a 4 HP engine.

So we have pulled out one of the continuous pain-med pump and it has already shown results...I noticed a very strange thing with two of the mouth sores -- they have formed in the shape of a "heart" !

Once in a while, I do appreciate a kiss on the cheek or a good hug from the girls...but I didn't ask mr. and mrs. mouth sores to dress up for a party occasion !

I hereby serve you both immediate eviction notices !

With that, it is time to say good night !

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