Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014

Well, today is the first day after the first round of chemotherapy. Had a decent sleep and got up at a reasonable time. The doctor and his team round the rooms much earlier. So, everything was wrapped up by about 8:15am.

No big news, except the blood counts are beginning to drop. I can tell from the couple of mouth sores  that have popped up under my tongue. An irritable place for a sore to develop.

There is a magic "mouth-wash-potion" called "Philadelphia mouth-wash" (perhaps to go along with the cream cheese !) -- this is the secret to numbing and getting relief for the mouth sores.

Whoever discovered it, God bless -- what a relief !

I had one more day of visit from my brother and mother -- which is always nice. Although, with my mother, things get repetitive.

It appears that the fatigue will begin to set-in over the evening and tomorrow -- which is expected. It would be nice to get it over with and proceed to the next phase of the treatment plan !

An occasional snow fell throughout the day -- I pray that we are done with winter and ready to see some warm temperatures.

With that warm thoughts, let me wish you all a good evening and night !

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