Monday, March 24, 2014

March 23 | 24, 2014

Greetings friends --

Yesterday and today have been fairly quiet around my end. No exciting events to report, although today is the final day of chemotherapy for this phase of the treatment. Perhaps, I will be allowed to be separated from my "steadfast girlfriend (the IV pole)". I must say she has no emotions and come rain or shine, keeps jogging along. A new definition for "enduring relationship".

From tomorrow, until next Thursday, all eyes on the all important blood counts - White, Red, Platelets. If they drop quickly and my bone marrow can generate new ones without producing leukemic cells, that would be a significant milestone.

Once I reach that point, if the blood counts are within normal range, I may get to go home for some time, before discussions on transplant begin.

With the advantage of my brother visiting, we had a chance to get re-assurance from the team of doctors that they are doing everything possible to 'fix me'.

There are not enough words to explain how dedicated and committed these doctors are and I am so fortunate to be in this city that has a truly world class facility.

My girls made a visit to see me over the weekend. That was a joyous occasion.

Other than the above, I am gearing up for a week of slow decline, followed by a climb-up. Hopefully my optimism, faith and spirits remain high and guide me through the 'happy path'.

Until then, have a cheerful week and enjoy your family !

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