Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22, 2014

Let me begin with some exciting news -- my middle brother and my mother are visiting from Boston. They spent an hour visiting with me. And I got to see my elder daughter for the same hour.

My little one decided playing with her 'bestie' was more interesting than visiting an aging dad at the hospital ! Sign of times to come !

My day began around 4am -- I got carried away with some college games last night and didn't keep to my morning I took short naps until about 2:30pm.

Visitors left around 4:30pm and now I am sitting and starring at the second chemo drug gently slipping into my blood stream. Earlier, when the doctor visited, I asked why there is a change in the drug combination this time, as compared to last year.

I found his explanation quite simple (at times 'naive') -- 70 years of following this protocol, they believe, human cells have a LONG memory -- even though it may be 11 months since my last chemo, the cells remember those drugs and its composition and potency. As a result, the efficacy of the same drug is vastly reduced.

I suppose, finding a cure, is like tricking these "intelligent" cells from forgetting the past and be "forced" to kill the rogue cells.

The good news in all this is that -- I will be done with chemo therapy in 2 more days (monday night)...then it is a matter of "patience" for the body to get weak and then the bone marrow to begin generating new (and hopefully clean) cells.

This phase may take 2-3 weeks depending on how so fast my blood counts come to normal range and my bone marrow is void of any leukemic cells.

After that, till a decision on Bone Marrow Transplant is made, I could be home / work recovering. I am really looking forward to this 'gap' so that I can be home and see the family more.

Speaking of family and support, I was reminded profoundly of the support my family has been providing since I was first diagnosed.

I know and recognize, I am one of the many lucky ones who have family support and have access to one of the very best cancer centers in the US.

Many times during these stays, I remind myself of the so many millions who don't have the family support or lack the resources needed to get proper treatment.

There are many wealthy individuals who generously donate resources to various cancer charities. As a lay person, if you were to ask me how you can get involved, the easier option is to volunteer your time in a nearby cancer home or hospital. My knowledge informs me that cancers are not contagious, if proper hygiene is practiced.

Overall it has been a easy day.

With that I will end today's diary a little early. Have a good weekend !


  1. Keep watching more basketball Suresh.

  2. I am glad to hear you should be getting home soon! You inspired me to get on the bone marrow registration list. I ordered the kit yesterday online!

  3. Mey -- That is wonderful news. Gently, push your friends to do the same.

  4. What an inspiring blog! I can visualize and sense how each day goes, and I hope you continue to do well. Please visit The Candid Nation at and feel free to follow on Google+ or Facebook. Thank you.