Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014 | 1

Good morning to everyone --

My day began as normal -- the alarm going off at 5:00 am and for a few minutes, I get energized smelling the scent of fresh coffee.

By about 6am the 'drill' to wake up the kiddos begin. They might have agreed to one type of breakfast the night before, but they are "privileged" to change their choices.

When you think you have things under control, the magic of "TV" appears....then the saga to get them finishing up breakfast and shutting off the TV goes like this -- 'Daddy, just 2 minutes." Only in their vocabulary, 10 minutes is equal to 2minutes.

Just when I think they are ready to leave the house for the school bus, there is a frantic run back to the house in search of something very "important" (Guess what -- the cell phone).

It is 7:30am now. I feel tired and all the bones are crackling. Should I assign the blame to something happening inside my bone marrow ? Or is this a every day drama in every house with school going kids ?

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